Blepharoplasty and our eyes beauty

The eyes constitute the most denouncing part of the human body. They show most of our thoughts, our character and contain an infinite number of hidden feelings. They represent the mirror of our being and its state composes the importance of our look. We must not its importance and function and pay special attention to the maintenance of a radiant look, perfect and totally true to ourselves.

The ocular area is highly sensitive to the effects of the aging. The passing of time contributes to the appearance of wrinkles, to the leather accumulation in excess and appearance of bags of fat in the eyelids. These small infections in the surface of the eye force us to show an appearance tired that it affects to the totality of our expression. The blefaroplastia allows us to show again a fresh, cheerful and radiant look in harmony with the rest of our face.

Blepharoplasty is surgery that seeks to rejuvenate the cosmetics of the upper and lower eyelid by the remodeling of periocular tissues. It is an intervention of brief character and fast recovery. In many cases, it tends to be purely aesthetic, but also it may be required by patients with Visual problems (functional blepharoplasty). The main objective is to obtain a rejuvenating facial expression, the look’s clearing and to avoid the appearance of permanent tiredness. On the other hand, the functional blepharoplasty is required when small ocular infections can cause an explicit visual field reduction. This practice removed the excess skin; muscle tension is restored and remains the optimal amount of fat on the eyelids.

There are many patients who choose the blepharoplasty due to their successful results. Mediterranean Health Care is an association whose professionals work on specialized medical treatments. Prestigious hospitals that gathers together, as well as the private health centers manage to recompose an intense and expressive look expressive through this intervention. All its associated centers are equipped with the most advanced facilities in order to get natural results. Its high quality sanitary and surgical care, as well as experience in the treatment and care for patients, will make sure the treatment is comfortable, safe and reliable procedure.


For eyelid surgery specialist, the ocular repair surgery not only focuses on skin extraction, also the eyelid crease state or the position of the eyebrow also can justify the intervention. The exhaustive study of the ocular area determines the blepharoplasty success. Improper surgery may cause empty eyelids, sunken eyes, sad look or difficulty by opening or closing the eyes.

The anatomical nature of every patient can select the intervention procedure. One can proceed to a blefaroplastia across a scalpel I give credit, electrically or with laser; always depending on the patient. On the other hand, both healthy men and women are good candidates for an ocular surgery. Its specialist consults and decide what the procedure is most adapted to mend its look.

Each patient anatomical nature can determine the intervention procedure. One can proceed to a blepharoplasty through a scalpel, electrically or with laser; always depending on the patient. On the other hand, both healthy men and women are good candidates for an ocular surgery. Refer to your specialist and decide which is the most appropriate procedure to mend your look.