Botox benefits in aesthetic medicine

The botox benefits in aesthetic medicine are known since quite a few years ago, by patients and clinician. Botulinum toxin is a substance capable of offering optimal results, with the possibility to be managed locally in the area to be treated. It is also proved if it is used properly, is totally safe.

What is botox used for in aesthetic medicine?

Currently, there are two main uses of botox in aesthetic medicine. One of them aims to eliminate facial wrinkles, while other use aims to decrease sweating in body areas where it is abnormally excessive.

Can botox be used for every kind of facial wrinkles?

The most common is to treat the periorbital and frontal regions (Crow's feet), although every facial area can be treated.  In addition, treatment with botox, properly carried out, does not generate inexpresion in the face. The specialist always seeks the right balance between the maintenance of facial expression and the desired effect.

Can it be used for the excessive sweating in every part of the body?

Yes, but its use is most common in regions such as the forehead, underarms, and scalp, as well as the hand palms.

Is the technique of injection painful?

It is not excessively annoying technique, injected quantities are very small and are done with the smallest caliber. However, it may be an anesthetic cream prior to the session, which minimizes the possibility of feeling pain. The session duration is around 10-15 minutes. Subsequently, the patient can carry on a completely normal life, except for a couple of simple instructions that should be followed during the first 4 or 5 days after treatment.

When the effect is noticed and how long this effect last?

After the facial wrinkles treatment, the patient begins to notice its effect at 6-7 days of the session. While in case of treatments against excessive sweating, the action begins to be patent to 24-48 hours and reaches its maximum on 7th day after treatment. The duration of the effect, after the first session usually last around 6-8 months. At the following sessions, the effect can extend up to a year.

Are any side effects with botox cosmetic treatments?

The botulinum toxin treatment always is carried out within the clinical established parameters, and it has no negative side effects result. The doses used are the proven minimum to obtain the desired results. And injection techniques ensure that the effect will be local in the area requiring treatment, and not to other levels.

Interview done to Dr. José F. Salvador Sanz, plastic surgeon and aesthetics medicine specialist in International Hospital Medimar.