Nowadays, according to the Federation of Acquired Brain Damage (FEDACE), it is estimated that more than 420,000 people living in Spain are affected by brain damage, as a result mainly of having suffered a stroke, traumatic brain injury, encephalopathy, brain tumor, meningitis, spinal cord injury, etc. With a slight increase due to the population aging, the stroke is currently the second leading cause of death in Spain, the first among women. It is also the leading cause of severe disability in adults. One of every 6 Spaniards will suffer a stroke, and young people are not immune.

Such alarming figures force us, if we want to maintain a high-quality system, to enhance specific resources for this pathology, and especially for their subsequent rehabilitation based on the early and intensive individualized patient care.

Casaverde Group has two hospitals for physical and neurological rehabilitation in Alicante and Extremadura, more than 20 years of experience in this sector and an advanced coordination system between the public health administrations and social welfare, which allows to treat the patient as soon as exceeded the acute phase of the disease and to work on the recovery of the highest degree of personal autonomy in the shortest possible time. We talk about two hospitals pioneers in Europe and whose intensive rehabilitation treatments (five hours of individualized daily treatment) have been praised by health institutions in the United Kingdom, Sweden and United States, among others.

Opening Casaverde Mutxamel as rehabilitation hospital in 2001 has enabled the rehabilitation treatment to more than 600 patients in recent years. The Center, which was renovated for its modernization in 2013, has a query area and 40 places for patients in outpatient treatment, in addition to 100 single rooms for the treatment of income patients. The spaces are designed by and for the patient, since motivation is the key to achieve the highest degree of recovery. That’s why rooms are equipped with natural light and ambient music, along with spacious gardens, terraces and balconies in most rooms.


The hospital also has advanced technology and different areas of multidisciplinary intervention divided in neuropsychology and clinical psychology, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, allowing to carry out interdisciplinary and individualized neurological and physical rehabilitation programs.

Casaverde Mutxamel is only 5, 5km from the Hospital Universitario de San Juan and 8, 3km from the General Hospital in Alicante. Rehabilitation treatment becomes a continuation of treatment in the acute phase in the public health services or in the hospitals of mutual societies and insurance companies.

Casaverde group manages, in addition to the two hospitals specialized in neurological and physical rehabilitation, three residential health centers, a center for health services at home and a Foundation responsible for promoting the knowledge, training and scientific research in health, especially in subsequent brain injury issues and active ageing.

The last study carried out by the Foundation Casaverde, on the results of the treatments done in their centers, gives hopeful figures since 50% of the patients were fully rehabilitated achieving the functional independence, and another 30% can lead a normal life with minimum care at home.