Clinica Vistahermosa expands provisions and areas to improve patient care

  • The Sleep Unit’s modernization is a strong commitment from the clinic in order to advance in the diagnosis and treatment of these pathologies
  • The improvement plan includes other areas such as neurophysiology and Daily Hospital - Oncology, which have been refurbished to provide assistance to patients
  • This important investment highlights the administration’s commitment to offer patients and health care professionals the best attention and resources


Clinica Vistahermosa, in Alicante, has made a significant investment to improve and expand its Hospital services in the Sleep Unit.

For this purpose new equipment has been acquired which incorporates the latest technologies and which will collect more data, better references and expand the possibilities of dealing with different dream pathologies. In addition, the medical team has risen at this unit, adding professionals who will provide new insights and knowledge to this activity. Finally, the facilities have been modernized, expanding them and adapting them to the patient needs.


Dr. Paula Giménez, unit’s head physician, ensures that "Dream or sleep pathologies are very common and in Clinica Vistahermosa, we want to continue to develop these services so the patient finds our attention and solutions that every person requires".


The facilities improvement Plan that is making Clinica Vistahermosa affects also other activity areas such as Daily Hospital - Oncology and neurophysiology. Both have been remodeled or located in new spaces, as explains the charge of the Centre, "responding to the current and future needs, attending more than 8000 consultations annually”.

All these developments would not have been possible without a firm commitment from the clinic direction by incorporating the latest technological advances, new techniques and facilities suitable for the purpose of providing the best care.

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