Excellent health service

The barometer of the private health in Spain 2014, prepared by the Institute for the development and integration of the health (IDIS), highlights, once again, and for the third consecutive year, excellent health status of health care offered by private health care sector. Such high marks for 3 years give a great coherence, soundness and credibility to the results obtained by the great work done by professionals who make up the private healthcare system.  

This report has been done from more than 2.500 surveys made between January and Ferbruary of this year to citizens which have a private Health insurance (74%) or they are part of a mutual (24%).

The most of them know the public health care system because till 74% admits have used both systems, even through a 17% recognized using only the private one, rising from 9% last year.

During the last year, the number of health care users has almost doubled who uses these services only and leave aside public health despite having right to it, according to the latest data from the barometer.

The efectivness of the private health care system, treatment and professional health staff along with the confidence and security transmitted by these broad coverage of benefits and the information transmitted, are valued particularly positively, establishing himself as hallmarks of a private health oriented clearly to the patient and to improve their quality of life.

  1. High degree of overall satisfaction with the services of private health

Users of private health, which are also public health users, value remarkably different services offered by private health. In this sense, 81% of policyholders give scores above 7 points on a scale of 1 to 10.

    2. High percentage of recommendation among users

9 from 10 users recommend, to a friend and family, the use of private health in general, especially the hospital admission.

    3. A greater use frequency, higher degree of satisfaction with private health

The 91% of policyholders have used private health once and 67% of them did so last year. The more frequent becomes one private health service; greater it’s the level of satisfaction is. Those who have never used it, give it an average score of 6.7 points on a scale of 1 to 10, while those who have used it on occasion score with 7.5 obtained the highest score (7.6) among those who used their services last year.

    4. Health care consultation and emergency care receives a remarkably high rate, increasing up to the outstanding in the case of the hospital admission

Excellent rate of primary care, specialists and emergency services that obtained an average 7.9 score. Hospital admission would be the best valued service rated close to the outstanding (8.4). Services related to joining, obtained an 8,2 as average score which demonstrates the excellent private health care in a particular important service for patients.

    5. The insured patients stand out as greatest strength of private health care as its speed, the wide coverage of specialties and professionalism.

Speed/agility of private health care services is clearly recognized as something essential to it, which is a clear benefit to the patient when it comes to be able to get an appointment, any diagnostic test and relevant results quickly. Wide coverage of medical specialties and the high professionalism with confidence and security that it transmits, would be equally clear aspects to highlight.

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