Mediterranean Health Care Group, the gate to quality medical treatment in Costa Blanca

  • MHC helps international patients seeking treatment in Spain
  • The Group represents eight private hospitals that cover all specialities
  • Low-cost travel, competitive prices and warmer weather make the Costa Blanca region the right place to recover


London, May 2013.  Hundred of thousands of British citizens travel every year to Spain within the so-called health tourism.  Mediterranean Healthcare Group, in the Costa Blanca region, has become a leading reference for international patients seeking medical treatment outside the UK.


Long waiting lists at the NHS  and the high cost of private treatments in Britain are forcing more and more people to look abroad for a solution for their health conditions.


Spain, which has been ranked 7th by the World Health Organisation for best healthcare system in the world, has been for many years a top destination for many foreigners.  They are attracted not only by the proximity to the UK, the low cost travel and the warm weather, but also by the well-equipped clinics and highly regarded professionals within the healthcare system, which has maintained the best standards despite the current economic framework.


Mediterranean Healthcare Group, with long experience in the field, is one of the few and first organisations in Spain that help patients manage the whole process. 



What MHC does for you


The organisation represents eight private hospitals – all located in Alicante - which cover all specialities, from fertility to all types of surgery, oncology, rehabilitation, cosmetic procedures, care for dependent people, etc.  


“Mediterranean Healthcare Group is a seal of quality; it guarantees that our member centres meet all requirements needed in order to provide the best healthcare system”, assured Alberto Gimenez, Mediterranean Healthcare Group’s Director.


The Group helps patients manage the whole process of booking and confirming medical specialist treatment, including hospital reservation and scheduling, patient pre and post- surgery care, rehabilitation and/or convalescence, and transport and lodging arrangements in Alicante.


“Our main concern is our patients’ health and well-being. We know how hard it can be go through surgery and we want to make the whole process as easy as possible to them. Easy, yet, but also comfortable and, above all, reliable”, said Alberto Gimenez.


All the centres are certified to comply with ISO 9001:2008 Standards (International Organization Standardization). They have the infrastructure, the technology and specialist medical teams to provide the best healthcare for patients and best services to companions.  All hospitals’ bedrooms are single and include an extra bed or sofa bed for relatives or friends.


Overall, the eight centres add up more than 500 hospital beds and they are equipped with the latest technology and innovations. Over 1,300 health professionals – who have been awarded with multiple national and international distinctions over the years - are currently working in MHC’s centres. They perform around 31,500 procedures and attend more that 81,000 accident and emergency visits every year. 


Also the Group works with the leading insurances companies in Spain and Europe.

mber State. Indeed, the same survey showed that 30% of the EU population does not know that it is possible, under certain conditions, to receive health- care abroad and Alicante, the perfect place to get your health back

In recent years, the Costa Blanca region, and especially Alicante, have become a favourite destination for hundreds of thousands of foreigners.  They choose Spain to enjoy holidays or to live most of the year and more and more every year to look for health treatment.


Not surprisingly,  Alicante is, together with Costa del Sol, in Southern Spain, the biggest colony of British citizens. There are around 150,000 permanent residents registered – among the 440,000 foreign population in the province - and more than 2 million people choose its beaches to spend their holidays every year.


Its climate, with 320 days of sunshine a year, its coast and excellent infrastructure make Alicante an ideal place for combining a medical treatment with a holiday.  Its airport – the fifth largest in Spain – is just 9km from the city centre and has daily connections to 12 Spanish and 77 international destinations.


In addition, Alicante stands out by its health infrastructure. It is ranked 5th in Spain in total number of public and private hospitals and in hospital beds.