Russian media underlines the prestige and diversitity of medical specializations that the health-sector companies in Alicante offer

The Russian magazine “Medical & Health Tourism” (may-june 2013), a leading guide to medical tourism, includes the following information we have traslated into English:

The Russians, the Ukrainians, as well as patients from other CEI’s countries (Community of Independent States) visit increasingly Alicante. For them, the doors are always opened in many medical centers universally recognized

Alicante is not simply a city and province, with marvelous beaches, transparent sea and unmistakable color. But it is also a center where highly regarded professionals and doctors realize their professional labor which covers all specialties.

One of the biggest advantages of Alicante is that prices are relatively lower at the medical services. In many treatments it is possible to save from 30 % up to 70 % in the expenses, in comparison with the price list of the German or English clinics. All the medical institutions are assured necessarily of the medical lacks; this in Spain is a necessary condition.

“Russia, Ukraine and other countries from the CEI acquire a strategic meaning for Spanish clinics and doctors”. According to the representative of the association Mediterranean Health Care (Alicante, Spain) Alejandra Ruiz Salinas, “In the nearest future the patients from these countries will turn into regular patients for Alicante “.

More than 10 thousand citizens from Russia live in Alicante as residents. More than 20 thousand people from the CEI’s countries live here. The number of Russian patients is much bigger, that already being on vacations in Spain goes to a medical consultation.

In Alicante, for patients who speak the Russian language the doors are always opened in many medical centers universally recognized, each of them has specialized in a branch of medicine. Between the most requested medical specialties there are such as the cardiology, the neurosurgery, the oncology, the orthopedics, the urology, the ophthalmology. In addition, very popular treatments are the plastic surgery and the aesthetic medicine in general. Also they come here for the physical and neurological rehabilitation, spa and the general diagnostics.

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