The Male Health Center

The Male Health Center is a department at Hospital Internacional Medimar specialized in Urology and Andrology.

The function of the male health center is to prevent, diagnose and treat male diseases, affecting both young males and adults. Among the advantages that characterize our Center and to give added value are the following:

  1. Immediate assistance

Patients who come to our Centre urgently are attended the same day, and go through all necessary check up immediately (radiology, ultrasound, TAC).

      2. Early diagnosis and disease prevention

We have created a system of urological check-ups that allow us, in a fast and effective way, to prevent and avoid the development of urinary tract diseases, mainly prostate and bladder cancer.

        3. Surgery without waiting lists

In the majority of cases a quick and effective treatment is essential to achieve good results in diseases treatment. At the Male Health Center our patients receive medical or surgical treatment they need immediately, without waiting lists.

        4. Urologic emergency 24 HR service

It guarantees immediate assistance to our patients. Consultation hours: morning 9 h - 14 h and evenings: 16 h - 20 h.

          5. Technology

For 15 years we offer to our patients the most advanced technology treating the urinary tract diseases  and we have achieve our Center became one of the best hospitals in Spain in urology.

            6. Check-up area

Radiology, laboratory, CT, MRI, PET, among others. The most efficient and modern technology are serving our patients.

           7. Outpatient surgery

70% of our patients do not require hospital admission to solve their Urological problems. After treatment the patient can return to his home being permanently in contact with our medical staff.

            8. Surgical area

Our Centre has 7 operating rooms fully equipped, becoming one of the most modern surgical areas in our country. This area is filled with 4 boxes of U.C.I to guarantee the total safety to our patients.

            9. Hospitalization area

It has 66 single rooms with a bed for companion and equipped with the best catering services (phone, TV, bathroom conditioning...)

            10. Doctor on call, nursing and Department of Urology assistance 24 hours