The Vistahermosa clinic performs a pioneering operation in Europe

Dr. Rafael Alcalá Santaella, Specialist at Vistahermosa Traumatology medical team, placed prosthesis to a patient on the shoulder allowing recovering in 60 % the mobility.

Only two operations as this one have been realized up to the date in Europe

The intelligent operating theater in the Vistahermosa Clinic has been the stage of a pioneering operation in Spain this evening: the prosthesis implantation to a patient with scapular tumor in the shoulder that replaces part of the joint to preserve up to 60 % the mobility.

It is a rare type of tumor, slightly frequent, and impossible to treat with radio/chemotherapy processes. What was done so far was to remove the whole area leaving “the hanging shoulder” without possibility of using it with certain autonomy again.

The operation, which lasted over 7 hours, has been very demanding from the medical point of view, since it was a question of saving the muscular and nervous structures in order to damage the area least possible the area where to implant the prosthesis. Once placed, the patient will preserve the natural movement being able to recover the joint in 60 % after a basic rehabilitation period. This type of operations allows in the future, the area can rebuild fully recovering up to 100% mobility.

About Vistahermosa Clinic

The Vistahermosa Clinic is a private hospital in Alicante with 50 years of history which tends more than 30 specialties with an Hospitalization Area, Daily Hospital, surgical Area 9 operating rooms (6 generic and 3 ophthalmological), UCI presencial with 6 boxes, Intermediate Care in Neonatology Unit, Emergency Area, Hemodialysis and a new center of Specialties (Vistahermosa 76) among many other services.

Each year pass through its facilities more than 7000 patients; 66,000 consultations; 33,000 emergencies and it performed more than 6000 interventions and 145,000 diagnostic tests; provided 87 single rooms with bed for a companion, television and Wi-Fi.

At this video you can watch the whole operation's process:

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