To take care joining efforts

The clinics and medical centers, which are united in the Health Claster, have as their mission to prolong the life to the foreign patients, the best way they can. Alicante is not only a city and a Spanish province with magnificent beaches, a crystalline sea and an unrepeatable color. It is also the possibility for receiving a treatment of cardiology, oncology, orthopedics, assisted reproduction, or rehabilitation within great quality standards. And here, at recognized medical centers, the doors are always opened for Russian speaking tourists.

Here an interview with Mediterranean Health Care representative, located in Alicante, Spain, Sandra Ruiz Salinas:

-          Miss Sandra, why Alicante’s clinics have paid attention to patients from abroad?

-          From the beginning, international patients found us by themselves. Alicante is the main city at Costa Blanca, a very popular destination between international tourists at the Spanish Coast. We receive a great amount of international tourists every year. In addition, in the province live 500 thousand foreigner permanent residents, and it is evident that from time to time they need to receive medical attention. Therefore, we are experienced at treating foreign patients. And two years ago, the most important clinics at the province decided to join efforts and created the association, Mediterranean Health Care, in order to promote the medical tourism.

-          Does the Costa Blanca need to be promoted?

-           Of course, as Spain in general, since we are known as a tourist destination. And this it is our advantage. Nevertheless, few persons know about the quality of our medicine. According to the valuation of the World Health Organization, Spain occupies the seventh place, between the European countries, in sanitary assistance. The Spanish are considered to be one of the most long-lived nations occupying the sixth place in the world in life expectancy. We will be delighted to prolong the life of foreign patients too.

-          What does Alicante offer to the patients?

-          The clinics and hospitals that belong to the Association Mediterranean Health Care, have a very wide offer of medical treatments including all the existing specialties. But every center is specialized in a specific field or several. The treatments more defendants are such as cardiology, neurosurgery, oncology, orthopedics, urology, ophthalmology and assisted reproduction. In addition, the plastic medicine and physical and neurological rehabilitation are very popular. Also we offer general diagnoses.

-          What are the advantages of being treated in Alicante?

-          Among others, our prices are relatively lower. In some interventions it is possible to save between 30 % and 70 % in costs if we compare the price list at British or German clinics. In addition the knowledge, the experience and the quality of the professionals who work with us is of the biggest quality. For example, the Hospital Clinic Benidorm was chosen by the European Association Oncologic studies as a pioneering center in educating professionals in this field, beside several times having being recognized as the best private hospital in  Spain; Clinica Oftalmologica Vissum was one of the first one in using Intralasik's technology to treat the vision; the Clinic Vistahermosa elaborates technologies and pioneering methods in assisted fertility; the International Hospital Medimar is one of the best equipped hospitals and their treatments in plastic surgery enjoy great success; in addition, the Institute Davó is the first country of the world in forming and using zygomatic implant.

In addition, the geographical and climatological Alicante’s location is privileged. It is easy to come here, the Alicante’s airport receives flights from 101 destinations, including Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Kiev. It is possible to come here also by train or by car from Valencia, Barcelona or Madrid. All the facilities are in favored climatic environment with a warm climate, that’s why Alicante is a perfect place to combine treatment and holidays.

-          Can you share with us your success?

-          The Association Mediterranean Health Care works actively already for 3 years, and in the year 2012 we have received more than 1000 international patients. I am speaking about those that have come specifically to treat themselves. In winters months in 2013 we expect to increase the flow in 20-30 %. The majority of the patients are proceeding from the European Union, and a great part of them are from United Kingdom and Ireland.

-          How important for you are Russian patients?

-          They are important, as more than 10 thousand of citizens from Russia live here permanently. In total more than 20 thousand persons from the CEI countries live in Alicante’s province. In addition, the ratio of Russians that come to Alicante to treat itself is 12 %, and is the third major market for us. The majority of the Russian patients that we attend are already in Spain for holidays. Therefore, Russia and Ukraine are priority markets for us. These markets are our principal medium-term aims. We would like to invite your specialists to come to our clinics in order to exchange experience and knowledge, in addition we already have our Russian web site working.


MHC in numbers

Hospital beds


Procedures performed by year

More than 32 thousands

Average length of stay

3-5 days

Most demanded treatments

cardiology, oncology, orthopedics, urology, ophthalmology, assisted reproduction, rehabilitation and plastic medicine

International patients

More than 1200 per year

Targeted Markets

United Kingdom, Ireland, Russia, Ukraine

 Published in MEDICAL & HEALTH TOURISM magazine;