VISSUM Corporación Oftalmológica runs a network of over 40 clinics across Spain from its headquarters in the city of Alicante.  It is the only private Spanish medical ophthalmological institution with a department devoted entirely to research and development. Its renowned team of ophthalmologists, headed by leading specialist Doctor Jorge Alió, has won many distinctions and prizes awarded by scientific bodies both in Spain and abroad.

VISSUM has collaboration agreements with a number of public and private institutions, including Miguel Hernández University in Elche and Alcalá de Henares University in Madrid, and is actively involved in a range of research projects. The Corporation earmarks major resources to organising conferences and seminars attended by leading experts in their fields.

VISSUM pioneered the use of the EXCIMER laser in Spain; it was also one of the first users of the latest INTRALASIK technology for correcting myopia, hypermetropia and stigmatism. VISSUM is at the cutting edge of intraocular lens implants, implants for treating presbyopia and the latest discoveries applied to the various pathologies affecting eyesight. The Corporation works with the very latest high-level technology and provides first-class medical care to numerous patients from all over the world.