Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery and Sophisticated Dental Procedures

Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery and Sophisticated Dental Procedures

An increasing number of people are looking overseas for dental surgery. Often put off by the high cost of treatments at home, more and more people are taking advantage of quality dental care abroad, at a more affordable price. Spain is one of the most attractive choices for those patients who choose to perform dental treatments abroad, due to the general high qualification of its doctors and the advanced techniques and equipment utilised.

Mediterranean Health Care group includes one of the leading international dental clinics, with pioneer techniques performed by its worldwide recognised doctor Rubén Davó. The Davo Institute provides patients with first-class dental care with a highly regarded medical team and the most advanced equipment – key if you are considering dental implants or maxillofacial surgery but also if you just need to make a slight adjustment to improve your smile.

Our dental patients are in the qualified hands of the Davo Institute’s doctors. The centre has specialised in advanced oral implantology and performs dental surgery, oral maxillofacial surgery and orthodontics, as well as a range of other treatments.

Patients at Davo Institute are assured of:

  • Treatment in a world-renowned centre that is a pioneer in implant and maxillofacial surgery.
  • Comprehensive, high-quality treatment in all oral-dental specialities, including dental implants within 24 hours after surgery
  • Safe environment within Medimar International Hospital.
  • Competitive prices for all treatments, often much cheaper than back home

Certain treatments can be completed in our patients’ home countries. Some other treatments, however, will require a short stay in Alicante and Mediterranean Healthcare will guarantee the best care to all patients while enjoying the warm weather and beautiful surroundings that make Alicante the perfect place to recover.


Davo Institute specialises in complex maxillofacial surgery for conditions that are considered too complicated to be treated by standard dental treatments. A great variety of options are available:


All on Six - All on Four A minimally invasive option for patients that are not suffering from any serious bone reabsorption. This has aesthetic and functional benefits for patients.

Computer-Assisted Surgery This technique allows an in-depth analysis of patients’ situation, avoiding any unnecessary cutting of the gum. It can only be used when there is bone in both jaws.

Zygomatic Implants - This technique is used when there is insufficient bone in the jaw. Patients can have teeth fitted within 24 – 48 hours of surgery.


Orthognatic Surgery This treatment corrects the profile of the face and misalignment of teeth. A combination of the upper jaw, lower jaw, and chin can be moved to give patients aesthetic and functional benefits.

Rehabilitation of the Temperomandibular Joint (TMJ) – It combines various techniques to help rehabilitate the temperomandibular joint which is used to chew food. Doctors will study each patient’s case and will give a detailed diagnosis according to their needs.


Cosmetic Restoration with Porcelain Veneers Porcelain veneers can be used to restore a damaged smile and can be tailored to exact requirements. A special kind of resin cement, invisible from the outside, is used to attach the porcelain to the existing tooth.


Orthodontics Orthodontic treatments use controlled force to correct poorly shaped and misaligned teeth. If left untreated, badly positioned teeth can affect chewing, speech, oral hygiene and facial symmetry.

Paediatric Dentistry (Odontopediatrics) – Patients from 12 months old up to adolescence can be treated for multiple problems such as cavities, bleeding gums and fractured teeth.

Periodontics – Periodontic treatments are used to prevent gum diseases such as gingivitis, where the gum becomes inflamed. They also treat periodontitis where the bone that supports the tooth is destroyed.

Root Canal – Also known as endodontics, root canal treatments are required when patients notice dark discolouration of multiple teeth or sharp pain when a tooth that has cavities is exposed to something hot or cold.

Tooth Whitening – A quick procedure that restores teeth’s natural whiteness. Over time, common substances like tea and coffee can lead to tooth discoloration.


Davo Institute is well-established as an internationally-renowned leader in advanced oral implantology and continues to develop new oral implantology techniques and treatments. Its founder, Dr Ruben Davó, has more than 15 years experience in this field and has contributed to the development of different clinical techniques such as the zygomatic implant with immediate function. Moreover, Davo Institute has been the first in Europe and second in the world to technically document this technique.

The team at Davo Institute consists of 15 medical professionals, including oral and maxillofacial surgeons, specialist dental surgeons working across different fields and dental auxiliaries and hygienists specialising in oral implants.

The Institute has recently moved to larger facilities - it now occupies the entire fifth floor of Medimar International Hospital and continues to provide a safe environment in which patients who requires a longer stay can recover from their treatment.

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