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Breast Augmentation using breast implants

The purpose of breast augmentation surgery is to enhance the shape and volume of the bust. This is done by inserting implants

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries. It is normally suitable for women whose breasts did not develop they way they would have liked, or whose breasts are different sizes, or who find their breasts have become smaller as a result of pregnancy, breastfeeding or fast weight loss.

Benefits of the Operation

Today's breast implants are of very high quality and much tougher than those used a few years ago. The results are excellent and there are no complications. Mammograms can still be performed, they stop the breasts from sagging and breast-feeding is still possible.

Medical-technical description

Breast augmentation surgery consists of inserting a breast implant through a periaeolar incision (through the lower edge of the areola) or a submammary incision (through the crease under the breast). The implant may be positioned under the gland or under the pectoral muscle. The latter option is preferable, because it gives a more natural result and the implant is protected by the patient's own tissues.

Before surgery, the surgeon makes a detailed analysis of each patient, studying volume, projection, physical constitution and skin quality. The ideal breast size for the patient means calculating the length, height and projection desired. Volume tests can also be done with the patient by filling a bra with the size desired.

About the operation

This operation is performed under general anaesthetic and takes approximately one hour. The patient stays in hospital for 24 hours. After the operation, there may be some temporary loss of sensitivity in the breast area, which recovers over time.


Before the operation

  • You will have a blood test, ECG and X-ray.
  • You must not eat or drink for 12 hours before your operation.
  • You must remove all metal objects during the operation (rings, bracelets, earrings, body piercings, etc).

Post-operative care

  • After the operation you will wear a compression bandage for three or four days, which will be followed by a sports bra which you should wear for 30 days. This bra will keep the implants in place and prevent seromas and haematomas.
  • Avoid lifting or straining for the first week.
  • One week after surgery we recommend manual lymphatic drainage. When the stitches have been removed you should rub rosehip oil into the scar and use solar protection for between six and eight months.
  • The stitches under the skin are removed after 12 days, after which time you can gradually go back to your normal activities.

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