Weight Loss Treatment Abroad

Weight Loss Treatment Abroad

Considering Weight Loss Treatment Abroad?

Losing weight when there is an obesity issue looming around is certainly a stepping stone towards a healthier lifestyle in many ways. Due to the rising cost of medical treatment facilities in the UK many tend to consider a weight loss treatment abroad such as Spain. Losing weight benefits you in many different ways starting from the reduction of blood pressure, blood sugar levels, aches and pains, heart diseases, strokes and cholesterol levels, an increase of energy levels, prevention of type 2 diabetes, improved mobility and breathing etc. Proper weight control also helps you in proper sleeping habits.

The team of professionals introduced by Mediterranean Health Care consists of nutritionists, psychologists and many more individuals who are well trained and qualified to assist you in a proper weight loss program. The entire process starts off with a thorough examination of the patient after which your very own personalized treatment plan is offered. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are considering a weight loss treatment abroad since we offer you the best specialists in the field along with the latest technology.

The Instituto Médico-Quirúgico de la Obesidad (Medical-Surgery Obesity Institute or IMEQO) cares for and treats people whose excess body fat threatens their health.

The unit has a professional, multidisciplinary team comprising an endocrinologist, internist, psychologist, nutritionist and endoscopist for implantation of intragastric balloons. The process always starts with a full examination of the patient after which a personalised treatment plan is prepared.

Because we work in the hospital setting, we have other specialists available to us as well as the latest technology for in-depth tests.

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