Why should I consider going to Alicante for treatment??

Alicante has first-class hospital and healthcare provision. It is one of Spain's main tourist cities and has an excellent transport and communications network linking it with other national and international destinations. Alicante's fantastic climate, great beaches, extensive leisure facilities and delicious local food make it the ideal location for post-surgical recovery.

What is Mediterranean Health Care?

MHC is a non-profit organisation comprising eight of the most prestigious private hospitals and health clinics in the Alicante region. We coordinate the provision of specialist medical treatments across all our centres, offering an integrated healthcare service that complies with the strictest quality standards and ensuring patients receive the best care throughout the entire surgical and post-surgical process.

What services does MHC provide?

We provide an integrated medical care service (medical appointments, hospital reservations, clinical tests, paperwork, convalescence, rehabilitation, etc.). We also offer an optional travel service through our partner Zafiro Tours (flights, accommodation, trips, transport, personal assistant, interpreter). We make our services available online on our interactive web site, enabling patients to make their own choices when they make the reservations for everything connected with their treatment.

Why should I choose MHC for my treatment?

Because our eight hospitals and health clinics have an enormous amount of experience both at in this country and abroad. Their well-established reputation is reflected in the many prizes and awards received during the time they have been operating. Because we have well-respected specialist doctors and surgeons who take part in international forums and who publish in the world's foremost medical journals. Because we hold ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certificates that attest to the high quality of our infrastructure, technology and patient care procedures. Because we work with leading insurance companies in both Spain and Europe.

What do I have to do to book my treatment?

All MHC treatments are booked through our web site. When you have found the medical treatment you are interested in, you need to complete a treatment request form. Our staff will contact you within 24 hours requesting your medical records and any related paperwork (test results, X-rays, etc.) needed to assess your individual case. You will then be sent an estimate and if you accept, the dates will be set aside for your doctor's appointment and surgery. Before the contract can be finalised and signed, you will be required to pay a deposit.

Can I make my travel arrangements through MHC? How?

You can ask us to make your travel arrangements to Alicante on our web site. All flight and accommodation bookings are made through our exclusive tourism partner, Zafiro Tours. We can also provide additional services, such as a personal assistant who speaks your language, airport transfers, tours and day trips, etc., all of which can be booked through our web site.

What can I expect for my money? What do the prices include?

Our prices are carefully monitored so we can offer you a very competitive product and excellent value for money. Full details of the services included in the cost of our treatment can be found on our web site in the Medical Specialities section. Depending on the type of treatment required, prices are shown either as final or for guidance. Final prices are fixed following analysis of any preliminary medical tests required for treatment assessment. MHC does not charge commission fees.

What does the FreeSpirit travel insurance cover?

The FreeSpirit insurance policy covers contingencies arising from undergoing surgery in another country, such as missing the flight home due to an extended period of convalescence, delayed surgery, etc. Ask us for further information.

What happens if I need to make an appointment with my surgeon after my return home?

Once you have been signed off, our doctors will give you guidelines to follow to ensure your post-surgery recovery period goes well. However, if a consultation becomes necessary for any reason after you return home, it can be done by telephone or over the Internet, based on reports submitted by you. Please rest assured that you will be given a full medical report at the time of your discharge, to be used for any medical appointments back home.

Can I book more than one procedure during my trip?

Yes, if our doctors think that this would not involve any risk. Depending on the type of operation you are having, you may be able to undergo more than one procedure in a short space of time.

Can I bring someone with me to Alicante?

Of course. What's more, we advise it. Your companion can stay in a nearby hotel if they prefer, or an extra bed or sofa-bed can be put in your room, depending on the hospital or clinic.

How can I pay for my treatment?

Payment is made via our web site, once you have accepted our estimate for the cost of your treatment. You can choose to pay in your own currency, using our multi-currency option, or by bank transfer.

If I send you my medical records and the operation can't be done, what happens?

Nothing. We will write to you explaining the objective reasons why we advise against surgery in one of our centres and we will return your medical records to you, plus any money you have already paid as a deposit.

What is MHC's cancellation policy?

Up to three days before your medical treatment, you can cancel the services you requested or booked and you have the right to a refund of any money you may have already paid, whether the full cost or the deposit payable on making your booking.

However, for any expense you may have incurred for travel arrangements (flight, accommodation, etc.) our partner Zafiro Tours will apply the refunds payable by the airline concerned, the hotel and any other services you have booked.

If you cancel less than three days before the start of your treatment, you will not be eligible for a refund of any money paid.

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