CASAVERDE organizes the pioneering III Conference “Update in Surgery and Rehabilitation”

The third edition of this unique course in Spain that assembles rehabilitation physicians, orthopedic surgeons, physiotherapists and podiatrists to approach the different foot pathologies together


The foot, and the ankle joint, is a fundamental part of our anatomy and its good condition allows us to walk, to run or to jump with full autonomy. It allows us to realize all those actions that imply a coordinated movement of the whole body. Therefore, its care is a joint work of a team of professionals as orthopedic surgeons, rehabilitation physicians, podiatrists, physical therapists and orthopedic technicians, among others, to cope with possible ailments, injuries or orthopedic needs.


The Casaverde Foundation, in special collaboration with the Traumatology Unit at Vistahermosa Clinic and the Physical and Neurological Hospital Casaverde, organized on Friday, the 9th of May sessions about Rehabilitation and Traumatology - Updates in Orthopedic surgery and Rehabilitation of the Foot, the third edition of a pioneering course in Spain which brings together rehabilitation physicians, orthopedic surgeons and physiotherapists.


This workshop coordinator, Dr. Antonio Collado Cañas, affirms that the interest of the course "lies in organizing a space that combines different but complementary approaches in dealing with foot diseases.” And it is usual that rehabilitation specialists, orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists do not work together. "We promote collaboration through these courses."


Dr. Antonio Collado is a rehabilitation doctor at Casaverde Mutxamel, a hospital specialized in physical and neurological rehabilitation of the patient in subacute phase working closely with both public and private acute hospitals in the province of Alicante to carry out intensive and individualized rehabilitation treatments. He knows the importance of a multidisciplinary rehabilitation: medical orthopedic surgeons, physiotherapists, rehabilitation specialists, occupational therapists and, if necessary, neurologists, psychologists, and other professionals, as it is practiced in Casaverde.


The persons in charge of the Traumatology Team at clínica Vistahermosa, Manuel Morales and Jesús Más emphasize the importance of collaboration to organize this type of courses for "mutual benefit that exists between traumatology and rehabilitation to approach different pathologies related to spine, foot, ankle and others, from a holistic point of view".

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