Ophthalmology and Eye Surgery at Mediterranean Healthcare

Ophthalmology and Eye Surgery at Mediterranean Healthcare

Most people will experience problems with their vision at some point in their lives, especially as they get older. Having your vision corrected can greatly improve your quality of life, but it is important to make sure that you are in good hands when having treatment on something as important as your eyes.

Mediterranean Health Care’s commitment to research and development means that we are able to offer the newest, safest and most effective procedures for treating vision problems and eye disease. We have state-of-the-art technology, and our doctors and surgeons are leaders in their fields (the cutting-edge micro-incision cataract surgery, or MICS, was developed by our specialists). Whether you have an eye condition that has to be treated or you simply want to be free of glasses and contract lenses, Mediterranean Health Care can give you the expert advice and treatment you need.

Why choose Mediterranean Health Care?

  • We are experts in procedures such as laser eye surgery and cataract treatment
  • We use the latest techniques and most modern technologies
  • Our ophthalmologists are committed to researching and using even better procedures
  • 45,000 new patients choose us for their eye treatment every year
  • We regularly treat patients from abroad
  • Our clinics in Spain are ideally located if you want to combine your eye surgery with a break or holiday



Micro-incision cataract surgery (MICS)

Cataract surgery works by replacing the crystalline lens in your eye that has become clouded over with an artificial lens (intraocular lens). Micro-incision cataract surgery (MICS) is the most advanced method of doing this, as it uses a smaller incision than other methods and therefore carries considerably less risk. Your new lens will also correct eye problems such as short-sightedness (myopia), long-sightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism.

MICS is a quick and painless outpatient procedure. Your cataract will be removed through a tiny incision of only 1.5 mm in your cornea, and a soft intraocular lens will be inserted through the same incision. You will be able to see again immediately after the operation.

The whole operation takes around 20 minutes. You will be given a local or topical anaesthetic in the form of eye drops.


Definitive visual correction (DVC)

Presbyopia is an age-related condition where the lens in your eye loses its ability to focus your eye, making it difficult for you to see close objects clearly. Eventually it may also affect your ability to see objects further away.

Definitive visual correction (DVC) is a procedure used to correct even advanced presbyopia. It will also correct any short-sightedness (myopia), long-sightedness (hyperopia) or astigmatism you have at the same time.

DVC involves removing the crystalline lens from your eye and replacing it with an artificial lens (intraocular lens). The new lens should improve your vision at all distances, including intermediate vision (e.g. for looking at a computer or mobile phone). This is why the procedure is known as definitive visual correction.

During the procedure, a tiny incision will be made in your cornea. The crystalline lens in your eye will be removed through this incision, and the soft intraocular lens will be inserted.

The whole operation takes around 20 minutes. You will be given a local or topical anaesthetic in the form of eye drops.


Refractive laser eye surgery – LASIK

LASIK (which stands for laser in-situ keratomileusis) is a type of refractive laser eye surgery. It is used to correct refractive eye problems: short-sightedness (myopia), long-sightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism. It should mean you will no longer need to wear glasses or contact lenses.

LASIK is a quick, minimally invasive outpatient procedure. The surgeon will cut a thin flap in your cornea, and then use a laser called an excimer laser to correct the curvature of your cornea, so that the rays of light entering your eye will be properly focused on your retina.

The whole procedure will be finished in around 20 minutes. You will be given a local or topical anaesthetic in the form of eye drops.

Refractive laser eye surgery – IntraLASIK

IntraLASIK is a type of refractive laser eye surgery. It is similar to LASIK, but the flap in your cornea will be made with a laser rather than a metal blade. IntraLASIK is considered to be the safest way to correct vision because it is done entirely with lasers.


Mediterranean Health Care provides eye surgery through the VISSUM Corporación Oftalmológica, which is based in Alicante and has a network of over 40 clinics across Spain. VISSUM is the only centre of its kind in the country that has a department entirely devoted to research and development, and all of the clinics are equipped with latest technology and staffed by highly qualified surgeons. The centre is headed by Dr Jorge L. Alió, who has received over 20 national and international awards, including a Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Society of Refractive Surgery.


Presbyopia or Longsightedness

Refractive Surgery