Anti-ageing in Costa Blanca

Anti-ageing in Costa Blanca


Since the beginning of time human beings have tried, by all means available, to prolong life, dedicating great efforts and huge resources to this end throughout history. But it is only relatively recently that we have managed, with a scientific basis and ample verification, to delay our biological clock.  And this is the objective of Anti-aging Medicine: to delay the signs of aging and to provide the tools, solutions and attitudes necessary to ensure the quality of life of the individual is maintained at optimum level, despite his or her chronological aging.

The purpose of this area, anti-ageing medicine,  is to diminish the ageing process and reactivate one’s health potential, not just by foreseeing or reverting early ageing after diagnosis its causes, but by naturally stimulating and rebuilding the processes and metabolic systems needed in every particular situation, aiming  to enjoy of this stage of life with health and vitality, avoiding illnesses and foods that ageing bears.


Aging is a physiological process which deteriorates the functions, organs and tissues of the organism.  It is slow and inevitable and begins to make itself noticed generally from the age of 35 onwards, characterized by greater recovery time after physical exercise, loss of muscular and bone mass, appearance of arthritis, hormonal deficiencies, diabetes, arteriosclerosis and heart disease, etc.

It does not appear in all people at the same age or at the same speed.  It is worth differentiating chronological age, which is marked by your date of birth, from biological age, which depends on each person, on their attitude to life, their risk habits and a genetic component still not properly understood.

Anti-Ageing Medicine