Nutrition & Natural Therapies

Nutrition & Natural Therapies

Natural therapies act from the simple understanding on how the human body works. The natural health focuses on the belief, that the body is an autohealing organism.

Natural therapies function is to aid this autohealing process, contributing with specific factors, physical or bioenergetic, which balance energy and help the body relinquishing toxins build ups.

SHA Method combines the effectiveness of modern macrobiotic nutrition and the healing power of natural therapies, with a dynamic and practical learning program. All these customized to satisfy our guest’s health needs and goals.

The symbiotic principles of wisdom and evolution are enriched by the healing power of aliments through macrobiotic alimentation, adapted to modern times, with Mediterranean and Japanese fusions, personalized by our health consulters’ team and cooked by high cuisine masters.

SHA Wellness Clinic aims to teach how to create and keep healthy habits which improve people’s quality of life, giving them physical and emotional wellness, helping them foreseeing and healing many modern illnesses. Speeches, talks, activities, introductory macrobiotic cooking lessons, yoga, tai chi, chi-kung, relaxation, meditation, breathing lessons, laughter therapy, .. All these aiming to give you the tools to follow a healthier style of life after your staying in SHA.

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