Advanced rehabilitation centres with Mediterranean lifestyle.

Advanced rehabilitation centres with Mediterranean lifestyle.

Physical Rehabilitation and Neurological Rehabilitation 

Rehabilitation is a major factor in a successful recovery process after any form of injury. The role of rehabilitation is to help patients become as autonomous as possible, in the shortest possible time, and to attain the best possible quality of life.

The Casaverde Rehabilitation Centers offer totally personalized rehabilitation programs for neurological and physical rehabilitation. The whole medical team and equipment are thought exclusively for rehabilitation programs, searching for the best possible motivation and shortest recovery.

Patients are individually analysed by a multidisciplinary team and given one-to-one attention to gradually improve their capabilities and make a full recovery as soon as possible.

The Casaverde centers offer well equipped facilities and open and bright spaces which allow patients to enjoy the sunny and warm weather of Spain, so positive in a recovery process. All the therapy areas, gym, hydrotherapy, medical units, rooms and common areas are located in the main building but there is also a bungalow area for those patients who prefer independence while counting with the best medical care. 

Both Casaverde Centres are focused on swift and effective action, which is particularly important when dealing with brain injuries. The team has extensive experience in rehabilitating patients that have suffered from brain trauma or illness. This includes meningitis and strokes as well as various physical injuries.


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Casaverde main objective is to offer a qualified post-operative rehabilitation which allows the patient to do an immediate and intensive job, achieving at the maximum level his/her capabilities. 

Physical rehabilitation should begin as soon as possible in order to improve the muscle tone which minimize fall risks and avoid post-operative complications, and also recommended not to travel or move heavy objects until few days after the rehabilitation.

Casaverde develops a kind of rehabilitation programs which, through a personalized and medical plan, achieve an efficient recovery in the shortest period of time. These post-operative programs are specified for each patient and have been created to help to restore the normal movement of the affected area minimizing the convalescence period.


Casaverde rehabilitation centers are specialists in neurological rehabilitation and have specific programs to treat brain injuries and spinal injuries.

Casaverde acts as soon as the patient is stabilized, since in these cases the immediacy is an indispensable factor to recover effectively the greatest number of abilities. 

The rehabilitation hospital also offers maintenance programs which allow the patient to train their skills on a regular basis after the neurological episode, this way maintaining their capabilities at the highest level, through the particular analysis of each patient by the multidisciplinary team.

Our neuro-rehabilitation techniques help to restore each patient’s mental and physical capabilities after a stroke or TBI, and can be adapted to suit each patient’s individual circumstances and condition.

Physiotherapy treatment can be used to improve essential everyday functions that have been damaged, such as posture control, balance and walking.

Neurological Rehabilitation

Physical Rehabilitation