Facial fillers. Rejuvenation without surgery

Dr. José F Salvador Sanz’ Press Box

  1.   Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics Medicine Specialist at Hospital International MEDIMAR

  2.  Mediterranean Health Care member

Currently, we are assisting to a revolution in facial fillers, especially due to the development of fillers with hyaluronic acid. Which makes rise the quality and safety for this kind of treatments, in this way the patients can benefit from rejuvenation treatments at a lower cost and with better results.

Nowadays, there are hyaluronic acid fillers almost for every need. From the classic wrinkles filler such as grooves folds, fillers for lip profile, fillers for cheek augmentation, fillers for deep hydration with facial mesotherapy and the newest fillers for ears and fillers for redensification of cheek and temporary zones.

Most of facial fillers with hyaluronic acid allows, in expert's hands, obtain surprising results, without surgery and without pain. It is essential the surgeon’s expertise to obtain desired results at this kind of treatments without changing the natural facial expression.

Advantages of a treatment with hyaluronic acid filler:

  •  Lifelikeness as a result and desired evolution within time

  •  Improves skin hydration and elasticity

  •  The skin recover the ability to retain water and the connective tissue cells get reactivated, producing more collagen

  • Rises the cells activity

  •   Facial fillers allow the results to get reversed within a few months, so they can be modified within the patients needs. These fillers allow us to change the volume and desired augmentation. This kind of treatment gives the opportunities to people get wrong without fear. Normally these kinds of treatments last between 9 and 15 months.

Treatments with hyaluronic acid:

  •   It is a consultation treatment, without pain and ambulatory

  •   There is no need in local anaesthesia

  •   Normally it takes 15-20 minutes and a normal life activity can be carried out after that

  •   It should be performed in authorized medical centers with expertise

  •  Usually it takes only one consultation, or maybe a second one for a review or final touching

What is hyaluronic acid?

  •   It is a substance, naturally present in the skin with the collagen and elastin, which is important for hydration and skin turgor and gives a youthful appearance

  •   As the time goes on, this substance in our skin is lost and consequently the skin gets more wrinkled, thinner, with lack of smoothness and firmness

  •  The hyalornic acid fillers return the hydration situation and filling volume to older skins and its direct effect is skin rejuvenation

What can be hyaluronic acid used for?

  •   To smooth, improve and rejuvenate the lips wrinkles

  •   Grooves folds

  •   Wrinkles around the eyes

  •  Labial commissures

  •   To return or increase facial volume for cheekbones and lips, or improve and highlight the lip outline

  •   Fill in g the ears grooves

  •   Re-plump the cheek and lip contour