The psychology of patient care, an essential factor in recovery

International studies performed by important universities and research centres around the world agree on the vital importance of applied psychology when caring for patients of all types, conditions and ages.

There is no question that health professionals' approach to their patients is a deciding factor, which may be interpreted subjectively but whose results are totally objective in the case of serious illness and accidents. However, the same can also be said of family medicine, where the medical professional's role extends far beyond the clinical area...

Good patient care management and the use of motivational applied psychology akin to coaching not only improves patient mood, but can also become a complementary therapy to clinical treatment that increases the possibility of recovery and shortens recovery times.

If the patient receives optimal intervention or treatment and is cared for by high level professionals in natural surroundings and with complementary activities that make the whole process a holiday; getting better becomes not only pleasant and pleasurable but a fait acompli both physically and emotionally.

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